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Examples of our work

Decorative end cap.

Chrome foiled ABS forming encapsulates an LED light for an alternative design feature.

Box Tidy.

Green HIPS, a box tidy made bespoke for particular leaflets and components to stay intact in transit.

Small CCTV Camera Cover.

Designed and developed in house made from Acrylic Capped ABS for impact strength and UV stability.

60s Diner Jukebox Cover.

Chrome foiled ABS cover for a motorway Diner Jukebox bringing back an old design for a fraction of the cost.

Lighting Diffuser.

Durable lighting diffuser made from Prismatic Polycarbonate. Very durable and UV stable.

Chain Cover.

Health and safety cover for a chain run machine.

Learning Aid

A learning aid developed in house to help improve motor skills for children with disabilities. Made from High Impact Polystyrene.

Diner Speaker

One of our old school diner speakers made in Red HIPS.

Bus Vent.

Developed to use the speed of the bus to accelerate the air speed inside the unit to rotate the air inside the bus itself acting as a self contained powerless airconditioning unit.

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